'Sea Shell'
Aquamarine And Diamond Brooch & Pendant

10ct Aquamarine St. Maria colour, Diamonds, South Sea Pearls, 18K White Gold

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This exquisite brooch, a highlight of our Marine Collection, offers the delightful ability to be worn as a pendant, sculpted in the cherished form of a seashell. At its centre lies a captivating 10-carat St. Maria Aquamarine, its serene blue hue reminiscent of tranquil seas, complemented exquisitely by surrounding diamonds and pearls.

Seashells have long been treasured as much for their aesthetic splendour as for their symbolic power, captivating cultures from Oceania to the Americas with their exotic charm and beauty. The mystique of seashells has deepened over the centuries. In the Renaissance, they were celebrated as icons of origin and femininity, woven into the tapestry of Christian iconography and Greek mythology. Art of that era often featured seashells, as seen in the celestial depictions within Fra Filippo Lippi's "Madonna and Child," the famed scallop shell of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus," and Titian's "Venus Anadyomene," where the goddess's grace is as immaculate as the pearl itself.

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