‘Octopus’ Opal With Multi-coloured Sapphire Diamond Bracelet

White Opal, Diamonds, Sapphires, Tsavorites, South Sea Pearls, 18K White Gold

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The octopus is a magnificent marine creature that has captivated the human imagination through mythology and folklore. In ancient Greek mythology, the octopus was revered as a symbol of the universe's mystical core and the very essence of creation. Similarly, in Babylonian lore, the goddess Tiamat was often linked with the octopus, embodying the potent force of feminine energy.

In tribute to the octopus's extraordinary form and abilities, we've crafted a unique bracelet that embodies the spirit of this remarkable sea creature. This piece captures the octopus's fascinating qualities and celebrates the strength and fluidity inherent in femininity. Utilizing multi-coloured sapphires and tsavorites, we've replicated the octopus's remarkable colour-changing capability. The bracelet is designed with a hollow structure, ensuring it is as lightweight as possible for wearer comfort. Achieving this feat required the intricate soldering of hundreds of contact points to seamlessly blend the sucker pattern on the back with the gem-studded surface.

The head of the octopus is represented by a White Opal, chosen for its slightly oily texture, while pearls, symbolizing ocean bubbles, add a soft luminescence. Together with the diamonds and gemstones, these elements create a symphony of sparkling light and textural depth, evoking the rich tapestry of life beneath the sea and honouring the interconnectedness of all life, with a special nod to the profound influence of feminine power throughout history and mythology.

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