‘Shiny Star’ Diamond Earrings

Diamonds, 18K White Gold

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Unveiling the "Shiny Star" set, this dazzling creation set draws upon the cosmos' enigmatic allure and the pentacle's symbolic potency. Often associated with the elements of life and health in esoteric traditions, the pentacle has been revered as a talisman of well-being and a protective emblem. These pieces harness this powerful mystique, coupling it with the lustrous shimmer of distant stars to craft an accessory that is beautiful and meaningful.

Each of these earrings is crowned with a stellar pentacle, composed of five precision-cut white diamonds, radiating an ancient and undeniably contemporary energy. Cascading these symbolic stars are strands of elegantly set baguette-cut diamonds, resembling tassels that mimic the shooting star rain with kinetic brilliance. The asymmetrical lengths of the tassels add an edgy, modern twist, making a bold fashion statement.

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