'Coin' Birds Motif Necklace/Hairband

Diamonds, South Sea Pearls, 18K Yellow Gold

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This series is crafted to honour the essence of birds, creatures that have long captivated humanity with their ability to soar freely across the skies. This freedom, often celebrated in poetry and mythology and as the catalyst for numerous aerial inventions, resonates deeply across various cultures. Each culture imbues birds with unique symbolic meanings, many beautifully represented in this collection.

In this distinctive necklace, various species of birds from around the globe are meticulously crafted on gold coins, each framed by delicate circles of diamonds or pearls. These coins are artfully linked by hollow rings, creating a seamless chain that elegantly doubles as a hairband. Notably, the patterns on the coins can be custom-designed upon request, allowing for a personalized representation of specific cultural symbols or personal significance.

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