'Seahorse' Tanzanite And Paraíba Diamond Brooch & Pendant

Tanzanite, Paraíba, Diamonds, Sapphires, Tsavorites, South Sea Pearl, 18K White Gold

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This brooch, which also serves as a pendant, is delicately fashioned into the elegant form of a seahorse. It is richly embellished with an array of tanzanite, paraiba tourmaline, a radiant pearl, and diamonds, each chosen to embody the seahorse's enchanting presence and evoke images of a mythical oceanic dragon. Revered across cultures as a beacon of fortune and resilience, the seahorse stands as a symbol of stability amid the ever-changing seas of life.

The arrangement of blue gems on this brooch, transitioning from the deepest shades of the ocean to the light caress of a wave's crest, is a testament to nature's palette. A gradient of tanzanite, paraíba tourmaline, and diamonds converge to mimic the sea's many blues, while a single pearl adds the gentle glow at the tip of the seahorse's tail.

On its reverse, the brooch reveals an intricate sea wave pattern, a collaborative design with a client who is as much a muse as she is a patron. This pattern draws inspiration from the mythic image of a sea goddess with flowing hair and a mermaid's tail, her authority symbolized by the trident she wields. She is the embodiment of independence and power, a spirit with a discerning eye for beauty. This piece of jewellery, therefore, transcends its material value, becoming a symbol of the timeless grace and powerful essence of the feminine mystique.

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