'Ocean' Sapphire Long Finger Ring

Natural Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire From Sri Lanka, Diamonds, 18K White Gold

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This long ring, with its sinuous form and radiant gems, channels the tempestuous spirit of the sea as immortalized by J.W. Turner. Renowned for capturing the volatile beauty of the ocean, Turner's painting 'Fire, Sea, Storms' is mirrored in the ring's design, where diamonds mimic the frenzied dance of light on water, their every curve a homage to his dynamic brushstrokes.

The artful segmentation of the ring into two connected halves allows for flexibility and comfort when wearing. Central to the design, three sapphires are as deep and enigmatic as the depths of the sea, a reflection of Turner's passion for the dramatic interplay of light and the elemental forces of nature. This ring captures the essence of his work, a symphony in jewels that resonates with the power and poetry of the ocean.

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