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Bespoke Design


These jellyfish-esque white opal earrings are fun additions to our clients' collection, perfect for evenings out and day time glamour as well. We loved working on these earrings using 61.26ct opal, 1.14ct diamonds and 8.24g 18K white gold.








The snowflake earrings are not only stunning to look at, but modern and wearable. They can be interchangeable; worn as studs or as a drop earring, in pearl and diamond. 594 diamonds weighing 3.09ct, 21.12g 18K white gold.







The diamond bangle is another bespoke creation which has stunning attention to detail. In white gold and diamond pavé, it is a classic forever piece. It is inlaid with eight single set diamonds on the inside of the bracelet. 526 melee diamonds weighing 3.24ct in total, 8 diamonds inside and 1 on button, weighing 0.54ct , 43.19g 18K white gold






The star motif is the main icon of this fantastic necklace and as our client loves all things stars, had to be the focal point! Set in white gold and pavé diamonds, it is simply striking. 175 diamonds weighing 1.59ct, 5.89g 18K white gold and 2 chains in different lengths weighing 7.19g in total.







These fabulous and delicate diamonds earrings are another of our favourite bespoke creations. With triangular diamonds, this unusual cut makes these earrings one of a kind. Each triangle diamond is hanging and shines on movement. 6.53ct triangle diamonds, 2.50ct round diamonds.







Carrying on with the star motif, the star drop pearl earrings are another fantastic bespoke addition, featuring 18K white gold, white diamond and akoya pearls. Versatile and easy to wear with or without the pearl drop, they are perfect for all occasions, our client loves them. 4.45g white gold, 70 diamonds weighing 0.42ct and two 7.5-8.0mm akoya pearls.







This necklace features individual cut stars set in white gold and white diamond and is simply bedazzling. Each individual star moves, giving the wearer comfort whilst twinkling as it catches the light.

47.6g 18K white gold, 742 melee diamonds weighing 4.31ct.







The classic diamond tennis bracelet has been reimagined by Evangeline for our client and features 8.41 carats of white diamond. Perfect for day to night and a piece to be forever treasured.

8.41ct G/H white diamonds in emerald cut.





Inspired by our Snake Ring from the Knights Collection, the Snake ring in sapphire was a bespoke order by our client who loved the design and all things blue! Sapphires cover the snake’s body throughout apart from the eyes which dazzle with diamonds.